About Me

Pauline Tang is an artist with a focus on pen and ink drawings. She is participating in this year’s Eastside Cultural Crawl at the Parker Street Studios, Unit 111. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Artist Statement

Art grants me the freedom to create my own whimsical world—sprinkled with a dash of mischief and the unexpected. I welcome anyone to come in hoping they will leave with a smile.

The vibrant energy of creatures found in nature, be it animals, sea critters, insects, and even enchanted fairies and gnomes, serves as my source of inspiration. The tactile nature of creating art by hand captivates me. Beginning with graphite sketches, I breathe life into my characters through the use of pen and ink, complemented by splashes of watercolor or acrylics. Sometimes, my pen and ink illustrations acquire a three-dimensional quality as I intricately layer my illustrations, as well as intertwine them with materials like fabrics, scrapbook papers, and modeling clay. This combination instills an added sense of wonder into my creations.

Intrigued by the traditional art form of printmaking, I am also exploring the Gocco screen printing technique to craft handmade prints. I love that each print is one of a kind, which makes it extra special.

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I am also a partner at YellowTang Marketing and Design. I specialize in content writing, marketing strategy, website writing and design work, custom digital illustrations, and more! For our client portfolio, please visit www.yellowtang.ca.

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