Pen & Ink

A Typical Day in the Forest Series

This project consists of 9 pen and ink drawings that explore a typical day in the forest that is not so ordinary after all. When all the drawings are put together, you can see the entire scene. Watercolor paper is layered on top of each other to give it that 3D effect.

The tree of life. All 9 drawings together form the complete collage of events that happened that day.
Three pals are forming an assembly line to make things more efficient.
A mischievous raccoon parachuting to steal the prized acorn!
No no! The parachutes are getting stuck. The bird catches all the action.
This chipmunk is hard at work counting the acorn inventory.
It’s an acorn pool party!
Caught you red-handed, you bad raccoon!
A mother owl is teaching her babies to fly for the first time.
First-time flying can be quite scary.
Oh no! The fox is looking for a treat. It’s good to know the chipmunks are looking out for the baby owls.

Materials used: nib pen, acrylic ink, watercolor, and colour pencils on watercolor paper

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